Dr. lloyd charles, creator of hand-eee

Dr. lloyd charles, creator of hand-eee

The Hand-EEE™ Wrist / Ankle Wallet and its distinctive Octopus logo were designed by a medical doctor who fell, broke his neck and became paralyzed from the neck down following a freak accident. Unable to easily get things into and out of his pockets, he needed a way to carry his essential items: ID, credit cards, “smart trip” passes, cash and keys. After searching and failing to find a product that met his needs, he designed and patented the "Hand-EEE™.

Hand- EEE™’s key features are its: convenience, safety, security, versatility and easy access to your essential items.

No more being locked out of the car or the house because you closed the door before you picked up your keys. No more “rats,” I left “it” in my other pants or purse.

Hand-EEE™ can be comfortably worn on your wrist, upper arm or ankle. It can be safely used by people of all ages and people with a wide variety of physical impairments. There’s no need to worry about anything getting twisted around the neck of children or seniors.

Its closed loop design and Velcro™ closure secures your essentials against accidentally falling out, being snatched or clandestinely removed from your pocket or purse by thieves.

Comfortable and convenient - Hand- EEE™ is ideal for nearly everyone: active or disabled, large or small, young or old. It’s a super great wallet for “Folks on the go!”

Hand-EEE™ is also stylish - available a variety of colors and customizable making it a great business promotion or fundraising item.

An essentials loaded Hand-EEE™ is all most people will need when they “roll out” of the house. Everything else is “luggage.”

We recently redesigned and patented the Hand- EEE™ ID-Cell Phone RFID Protected Wrist / Ankle Wallet model that adds your cell phone to the list of essential items it holds. Our new Hand-EEE™ is fully touch screen and ear piece capable. No more $100 cracked screens . . . No more dropping your phone in the toilet . . . No more dialing your phone hoping you can hear it when you can’t find it.

Our new Hand-EEE™ also has a built in RFIC chip barrier to prevent your credit cards from being scanned by a growing army of electronic pickpockets.