IDs can be placed in a readily visible area, perfect for those with security badges or other scannable forms of identification.

Bank Cards: 

Bank cards are placed in the inside of the device underneath a special aluminum alloy polymer, which prevents credit card theft from anyone with an RFID scanner. RFID scanners can be used to steal credit card information without physically touching the card or the victim.


Cash can be secured safely on the inside of your Hand-EEE, preventing pick-pocketing


2-3 of your essential keys, secured safely to the inside of your Hand-EEE


With the Hand-EEE, your phone is readily available at all times, while being safe and secure. At all times the phone is secured in a pouch, while still allowing for touch-screen access and audio/mic capabilities.

Loading and Wearing

Directions for Loading and Wearing:

  • Hand-EEE™ wears best on your left arm if you are right handed and on your right arm if you are left handed
  • Remove your phone case and screen saver
  • Nearly all smart phone screens are fully visible and fully touchable. Plug your ear device in as you normally would.
  • The opening to the key pouch (located under the flap) must point toward your head.
  • In most cases you don’t have to take your ID out of your Hand-EEE™, just show it. Turn the ID window toward your body if you don’t want people to see your ID.
  • RFID enabled cards you want scanned like a work ID can be placed in the window pouch.
  • RFID enabled cards you do not want scanned must be placed in the shielded pouch.
  • Put your 2 - 3 essential keys on a small ring large enough that all you have to do is pull the ring to get your keys out of the pouch.
  • Fold your money in half, length wise x 2, and slip it into the hidden pocket so the now longest side sticks up just a bit. That way it's easy to pull money out when you need it. I use the folded money to separate the bank card I use the most from the others so I know at a glance which one to pull out.
  • Hand-EEE™ is not waterproof because of the stitching and fenestrated material used to minimize sweating. If you're wearing Hand-EEE™ and expect to get it wet (beach-pool-water ride), put all paper items in a small zip-lock bag then put the sealed bag inside your Hand-EEE™.
  • Hand-wash Hand-EEE™ with mild soap in warm water then air dry. Do not use heat.