Hand-EEE is great for folks on the go!


Hand-EEE is a revolutionary product for those looking to have their essential items safe & readily available.

ID: IDs can be placed in a readily visible area, perfect for those with security badges or other scannable forms of identification.

Bank Cards: Bank cards are placed in the inside of the device underneath a special aluminum alloy polymer, which prevents credit card theft from anyone with an RFID scanner. RFID scanners can be used to steal credit card information without physically touching the card or the victim.

Cash: Cash can be secured safely on the inside of your Hand-EEE, preventing pick-pocketing

Keys: 2-3 of your essential keys, secured safely to the inside of your Hand-EEE

Phone: With the Hand-EEE, your phone is readily available at all times, while being safe and secure. At all times the phone is secured in a pouch, while still allowing for touch-screen access and audio/mic capabilities.


What makes Hand-EEE unique?


Electronic Pick Pocketing and How Hand-EEE can stop it

image from cbs8

image from cbs8

Many cards are now fitted with an RFID chip, which allows users to wave your card past a scanner to pay for your purchase. While it's a great convenience, that same technology is making it possible for you to get your credit card information stolen without your card being physically taken from you.

Hand-EEE features a protective screen cover that also allows for easy access


Hand-EEE's design allows for full phone functionality at all times. The protective case still allows full use of your phone's touch screen, while vents in the phone pocket allow for microphone and speaker accessibility. Earbuds can also be used as they normally would.

Hand-EEE is available in several colors and sizes, with optional imprints.


While Hand-EEE is available in 5 standard colors (Black, Gray, Blue, Red, and Hot Pink) and 5 standard sizes (7", 8", 9", 10", 12"), your options are limitless. Sizes are available up to 22" for wear on the upper arm or ankle, and additional colors and prints are available. Logo imprinting is also available for those wishing to advertise their business.

"I am wheelchair bound with MS... It holds everything I need when I leave the house...good luck to any thief who might see me as an easy target, guess again.""

Hand-EEE is perfect for anybody on the go!

  • Sports enthusiasts (bikers, joggers, hikers)
  • Physically Challenged
  • Senior Citizens
  • Travelers
  • Employees who must carry a visible ID