With all the talk about credit card fraud from stores like Target floating around the news.  Many people are taking another look at what is in their pocket.  If the news about millions of credit cards wasn’t bad enough, it seems that electronic pick pocketing is on the rise. You heard us right. Pick pocketing your credit card info, driver’s license, even your passport without it ever leaving your pocket.  How is this possible?  Since 2006 many credit cards and identification cards in your pocket have been fitted with an RFID chip.  These radio frequency chips can be read by scanners; the same scanner that you see in fast food restaurants, gas stations and other places that scan your credit card info by simply waving the card past the scanner. It’s a great convenience, but by going online thieves can buy scanners for $80 that fit into an iPad case.  Just walking past a person who has a credit card in their wallet or purse vital information can be easily read by such a scanner.  The result?  Electronic pick pocketing.

Currently 30% of all credit/debit cards feature this chip, and laws have already passed that will require all cards to have this chip. You may have noticed your bank or credit card company sending you a new card with a chip on the face. This is the RFID chip.

Hand-EEE's credit card pocket has a special aluminum alloy polymer built into the fibers surrounding the pouch. When the credit card or other ID is placed inside the sleeve the RFID broadcasting chip is disabled, rendering it very hard to read and electronically pick pocket the information on the card.