“It is secure, handy, easy to get to..”

"I have been using the Hand-EEE wrist attachment for the past two weeks. It is secure, handy, [and] easy to get too. It allows me not to have to carry a big pocketbook everywhere on my weekend shopping trips. I can see using it at outdoor festivals, or sports event this summer. I fully recommend it.

— P.S.


“It has changed the way I do business.”

I use the wallet on the golf course. It has changed the way I do business. I don't know how I did without it all these years. Thanks, Hand-EEE wallet.

— Michael


"I am wheelchair bound with MS..."

“As a general rule, I do not write reviews on products… HOWEVER in this case I felt it important to let you know why I CANNOT & WILL NOT live without your product, the Hand-EEE. I purchased my first Hand-EEE off eBay hoping for an easy way to carry my license, credit cards, cash, etc. I bought a 9” and a 12” because I am wheelchair bound with MS and didn’t know what size might fit best.
The 9” ended up being a PERFECT fit on my wheelchair armrest. It holds everything I need when I leave the house PLUS it’s extremely un-noticeable in black AND good luck to any thief who might see me as an easy target, guess again – this baby is NOT coming off my armrest!
I have used (and abused) the same one for 2 years. I finally punched a hole in the plastic from overfilling it and now will buy a new improved one.
THANX A MILLION for this wonderful product.”

— Tami


“I use them for numerous sports.”

I had the fine privilege to meet you at the Inter Bike in Las Vegas a few months ago.  Thanks for flagging me over to see your items.  I have been wanting to write to you to thank you for a great product.  I bought numerous items from you, about 6, and gave 4 of them away as gifts.  They are a great safety item and easily hold important items next to you.  I remember while we were talking you motioned to another attendee to come and look.  His response was something to the effect that we tried something similar to that in the past and they don't sell.  Well, I wished more people had a more open mind.  I'm trying constantly to spread the word.  I love the Hand-EEE's!

I use them for numerous sports and even walking.  Since I ride bikes a lot at night I thought it might be great if you could make some with reflective material.  Thanks for all you do.


— Elaine